Stations of the Cross, March 8, 2019

I always begin Stations of the Cross the same way I begin the Rosary - with dread. 14 stations. 5 mysteries. This is not going to be quick. Yet, every time, every time, they end the same - I don’t want to stop.

For the first Friday in Lent, I was stunned that nearly 20 came for Evening Prayer and Stations. Usually the number begins to creep up as we approach Holy Week, but it’s never started this strong. I do hope it continues. I was pleased that a young parishioner brought 2 kids she was babysitting. I brought my 3 kids. They now know this is their Lenten discipline! People familiar and never-before-seen were there. This is my constant hymn to anyone who will listen - people are hungry for devotion and prayer.

Since Stations are a devotion, everyone does them differently. This year we are using the text from the Anglican Service Book including the verses from Stabat Mater between the stations. Our house practice is to have volunteers read the devotion between the versicles and responses (I read those and the prayer for each station). It is moving to hear these words in different voices from all ages.